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Enter the Teck Money world

Cassie Pence
Special to the Daily

AVON – Wouldn’t everyone like to have a job like Teck Money?”Partying – that’s my job,” said Teck, who started collecting notoriety during MTV’s “Real World: Hawaii,” season No. 8 for the original reality TV show.Like a lot of reality TV stars in post-season, Teck has been riding that residual fame wave and it’s crashing on the shore of Avon at Agave Friday night at 9:30. In partnership with the The Other Side snowboard shop, Teck is hitting the wheels of steel and promises a platinum-plated party.”I’m a party god. That’s how people know me,” said Teck on a phone interview from Los Angeles. “I’m a celebrity deejay. People come to see me first.”

The lanky, frank-speaking wild man was somewhat of a womanizer on the “Real World,” and could be seen many times on the show in his underwear in the Jacuzzi.”I’m the guy responsible for getting people naked on reality shows. The ‘Real World’ chose me because I told them that I’m going to be a star anyway, so they better catch me while I’m rising. And they believed me,” said Teck.After the “Real World,” Teck starred on MTV’s “Direct Effect” and appeared in films “Van Wilder” and “First Daughter.” Now he’s concentrating on his music with newly formed group The Firemen, featuring 4-Ize (off the Ludacris album), and Kahlil Gibran (the Sixsense foundation). He relates the band to the Beastie Boys, but all the members are black, Teck said. BET features the group’s “Smoke With Me” video, a song about inviting women to join him on a weed session. On teckmoney.com fans can watch another video from The Firemen called “Whiteman,” a song about the Caucasian’s love for big-breasted women. “When someone gets naked – that makes a good party,” said Teck, who brags that his parties are undeniably “off the hook.” He also lists booze, hot people and good music as essential ingredients for a rump-shaking good time. As for smoke at a party, well, that’s just the icing on the cake, Teck said.

Teck started spinning records after the “Real World” as a hobby, but found that he was quite good at it. He has almost 1,000 records in his collection and continually shops for new vinyl treasures at various ma and pop shops. He spins everything from hip hop, R&B to 1980s music, but feels out the crowd first before he puts the needle on the record. Teck likes to mix a hip-hop beat to Britney Spears or Tears for Fears, or he just rocks straight-up ’80s music, like Hall and Oates or The Clash’s “Rock the Casbah.””I’m going to mingle with people and dance. I’m here to be touched. I’m not going to be stand-offish. I’m an open personality. I’ll do shots with you. I’m not going to be stuck up at all,” said Teck.The party will feature a giveaway with snowboards, clothing and other schwag, and drink specials, including $2 Coors Light and $1 shots of Jagermeister, a liquor known to entice even the most prude of party-goers to peel clothing.

“Hopefully there’s a wet T-shirt contest and a wet boxer contest to get the girls excited. We’ve got to keep it balanced. I want to bring you into the Teck Money world,” said Teck.Arts and Entertainment Editor Cassie Pence can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 618, or cpence@vaildaily.com.Vail, Colorado

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