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Environment is a priority

Debbie Buckley, Avon
Candidate for Eagle County commissioner

Restoring Trust, Building Community ” Step 7: The environment is a community issue.

Taking care of our environment is a fundamental step in building community. Our community must work together to build a cleaner, healthier and safer environment for future generations. Every action of every member of our community has an impact on the community in which we live. It is our responsibility to provide a community legacy of caring for our environment for the future for our children and grandchildren.

As a member of the Avon Town Council and as an individual, I supported nonprofit organizations like the Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability and the Eagle River Watershed Council. I will continue to support these organizations as your county commissioner.

Recycling must be made easy and convenient for all members of our community. As a leader, I will work with towns that do not have curbside recycling available, like the town of Eagle. If recycling is not easy, people will not do it and in the long run that affects our whole community. Implementing curbside recycling in high-density areas like the town of Eagle will have a big impact on our environment with a minimum of investment.

Water is one of our most precious environmental resources, because of its scarcity in our dry climate. As a board member of the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District, and a member of the Colorado Headwaters Forum I have worked to protect both the water quality and quantity. I will continue to support water projects that improve the quality and quantity of water for all of Eagle County.

As a leader I will work to improve the communication between Eagle County and the water districts that serve both the Eagle Valley and the Roaring Fork Valley. Any new developments must demonstrate that they have sufficient water for the development to be approved. The water for the development must be a permanent and dependable source, as opposed to leased water. Using leased water for future developments places an undue burden of risk on the next generation.

Ben Franklin put it well with one of his famous quotes: “We will not appreciate water until the well runs dry.” As a community we must control what we use and conserve this precious resource for future generations.

If you missed previous points of my 10-point plan for restoring trust and building community, you can find them on my Web site at http://www.electdebbiebuckley.com.

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