Equal to dogs?

Aide Arana

In every single war that has been fought for the United States of America, there have been immigrants in the forefront. Without the courage and pride these people have put forth, this nation would have fallen flat on its face. But it is very convenient to accept immigrants (legal or not), only when it becomes necessary, and even then we are portrayed as equals only to “dogs.”

With regards to those who demonstrated outside the Colorado State Capitol, I would like to know if Marty Lich took the time to question every one of them in order to find out if they were all illegal immigrants, or was this an “educated guess”?

The potential loss of Medicaid does nothing to the undocumented adults. It does, however, affect children. Need I remind you that children are not responsible for their actions, adults are! Legal or not, these children share a classroom with my children and I for one (as a taxpayer) do not feel providing them with Medicaid benefits is the wrong thing to do. It only means that my children will be able to learn in a healthier environment.

If children cannot receive the medical attention they need, can you imagine what the health of our own children would be? Yes, I know what the response will be: “Parents should be responsible for their children’s medical bills.”

That is very true, but when one has to live on a less than minimal wage there is nothing left in the budget for unforeseen medical emergencies.

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This brings me to the next point. Medicaid is provided to undocumented children on an emergency basis. All other recipients have to be legal residents or U.S. citizens!

Furthermore, when we become legal residents (before we become citizens), we are required to sign an affidavit of support which states that neither the person becoming a U.S resident, nor the person sponsoring, is eligible for any public federal assistance. Let’s see, that leaves only a minimal number of immigrants receiving benefits.

As for WIC, it is intended to give a healthy start to unborn and/or newborn U.S. citizens. I would like to see this nation continue to be prosperous, healthy, educated and free. As far as I can tell, this picture includes all, legal or not. Everyone living within the boundaries of the United States is seen, heard and counted as part of the total picture. It will much nicer to the world if S well, I think you get the picture.

I do not hear anyone asking where the millions of dollars (from the work of approximately 4 million illegal immigrants) of unclaimed state, federal, Medicare and Social Security withholdings go to. I do not think that any one government entity will become bankrupt. The best way to address any problem is to better educate our children. If anything is ruining this country, it is ignorance, blindness and the lack of education amongst its people about its people.

By the way, The “matriculas consulares” are a great way to identify the people who are living here, legally or not. It is one of the most difficult pieces of documentation to obtain from the Mexican government.

The number of people counted as having solicited the “Mexican ID” excludes the fact that most of these people have been there more than once and therefore have been counted over and over. There is no safer documentation, unless the federal government is willing to offer an alternative, and until they do, I vote to keep the “Mexican ID” as valid as any state-issued form of ID.

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