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Equinox for tourist season

Don Rogers

By the tourist season markers of our lives in this slice of the High Country, it’s fall now. The equinox here is Labor Day, end of summer.

By the 28th or 29th, Vail and other towns at similar altitude will be at their most stunning, with the fire yellow of the aspen leaves reaching their peak color.

It’s a bit of a mystery why this shouldn’t be a prime time for weekend visitors. Maybe it’s just proof of the tourists’ ultimate foolishness. Is there a more beautiful time here?

The East Coast markets its color season, untrammeled as their woods are by evergreens, and their palette’s range of course runs wider than yellow. Still, the intensity of the aspen change is dramatic, if short-lived. Ought to be some sort of festival celebrating this blessed event.

Maybe it’s all overlooked in our collective eagerness for the snow, piles of it, as we ache for opening day, still a good three months away.

Verbatim lives

Good for Robert Aikens negotiating for new life at Verbatim Booksellers in Vail. Ali Mayer nurtured and nursed the 20-year-old bookstore through leaner times. Now Aikens, who manages the store now, is taking the reins and planning to move into cozier surroundings to take the edge of the rent while continuing to provide a vibrant bookstore in Vail.

Vail just wouldn’t be the same without Verbatim.


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