Erica Ring |

Erica Ring

Club: Band

Age: 18

Class of: 2005

What’s the best thing about Winter Break? Having two full weeks with nothing to do.

What’s your favorite class and why? Band ” it’s easy-going and lots of laughs.

What’s the best thing about your club/group? The people are great and we play music!

What’s the most embarrassing and/or funniest thing that’s happened to you in your club/group? When I set off the school alarm last year when we were putting away equipment after a concert.

What got you interested in your club/group? I love music!

Your idea of the perfect meal is … Food.

Who’s your role model and why? Dani, because she’s not a freshman anymore!

Favorite music/band and why? Band and the music we play, because it’s awesome!

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