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Evans-Chaffee way ahead of adult kickball trend

With adult kickball leagues now in more than 35 states, you may think the Evans-Chaffee Construction Group was ahead of the pack when they started their kickball tournament fundraiser in 2002.

But it was co-owners Chris and Michele Evans who truly had a jump on the trend — the couple actually hosted a kickball game at their wedding rehearsal dinner in 1993. (This, it’s worthy of noting, was a full five years ahead of the formation of the World Adult Kickball Association in 1998.)

“As they were coming up with an idea to do a charity event as a company, they talked about how they played kickball at their wedding and how fun it was,” said company spokesperson Jessica Halminski. “We went with it and it’s been a lot of fun. Now that it’s so popular we’re just glad to be a part of the mix.”

Halinski says despite the fact that the trophy is merely a kickball in a plastic trophy case, it has become an extremely coveted item.

“Sometimes we have to remind people that it’s for charity and not a professional sporting event,” she says with a laugh. “It’s gotten pretty serious.”

This year’s fundraiser benefits the Food and Rescue Express, a group that sends underprivileged Eagle County students home with backpacks carrying six meals on Fridays. The students – identified by counselors as being at high risk of not being afforded proper meals at home -return the backpack the following Monday without missing a meal over the weekend.-

“We help a different local charity every year, and our focus is local women and children,” says Halminski. “We send out a press release asking for beneficiaries to apply … and then we sit down as a company and decide. Every year it’s so hard because they’re all such great beneficiaries.”

The tournament consists of 12 teams and has already filled its availability for team slots. But, Halminski says if you’re looking to play, get the word out because many teams do not end up filling their total roster of 16 maximum players, since only 8 people are required on the field on defense.-

“There’s always some teams that at the last minute are looking for extra players,” she says. “And we require two girls per team.”

Halminski says they are also looking for volunteer referees – a job that comes with great honor, responsibility, and a free lunch and breakfast.-

This year’s breakfast will include homemade blueberry pancakes, and the sausage and hamburgers come courtesy of Rick and Dustin Juedemann at OW Sausage.

“The pancakes are good, it’s easy to gorge on them,” says Halinski.-

But in running the bases, thankfully, “nobody has lost their pancakes yet,” she adds.

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