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Even a pinch can hurt

Vail Daily Editorial Board

The recession that has lashed much of the nation has only nipped Eagle County, left a red mark.

There’s reason for optimism that those economic fundamentals the Republican-leaning economists like to cite will kick back in soon. The real estate bubble, pierced by underlying financial recklessness, is slowly working itself out as the nation’s home market reaches for bedrock.

Meantime, the Rocky Mountain resort communities have felt some pinch while escaping the deeper wounding in parts of “normal” America.

Still, a pinch will hurt a sizeable part of the overall community that stretches to hang on in this paradise.

This is where the valley’s rich instinct for community service makes an even bigger difference than during those boom times that bless us.

The enormous effort that goes into such groups as the 44th Eagle Valley Community Fund Auction and Rummage Sale, Cordillera Motorcycle Club and Vail Valley Cares (among many others) tempers some of the strain on living here.

The very people we rely on so much to make sure the resort community offers world-class service do not earn world-class wages in comparison to the cost of especially housing.

So many struggle to hang on, and are particularly vulnerable to downturns in the economy. Local government of late has made some strides to improve the quality of life that will help improve the quality of service so important to this community’s livelihood.

But the community service groups have a crucial role to play, too. We’re thankful that so many of these groups have stepped up to serve, and that so many people see a responsibility to give back.

Some of these groups raise breath-taking amounts of money and put it to genuinely good use.

At least as impressive, though, is the time their volunteers put into these efforts.

So here are two words none of us use nearly often enough: Thank you.

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