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Even More Ten Year Predictions

Seniors featured from left: Cassidy Warner, Kenny Slaughter, Callahan Ketterling, Matthew Burner, Zach Coe and Colden King (EVHS);

Carlos Martinez EVHS

“I might be married with children or single with a job as an athletic trainer; or I might be coaching for either a high school or middle school program. I think when I come back for my 10-year reunion, it will be awesome just to see the people I used to talk to and the people that I hung out with all the time. I can’t wait to see what other people in my class look like when our reunion rolls around.”

David Earle


“It will be great to see people that I used to hang out with in high school and also see what they are doing now. There will be so many stories and experiences to tell from the 10 years apart. It’s going to be interesting to see how much people have changed from high school to actually now supporting themselves. This class reunion is definitely something that I will look forward to and hopefully from it I will gain back some of the friendships I had in high school.”

Lindsay Wright


“My 10-year reunion will be very exciting because the class is so close. Everyone will be excited to see each other. We will all be happy to hear about what everyone is doing while enjoying meeting new wives, husbands and maybe children. Everybody will get together and most likely have alumni games as some head up on the mountain. It will be a great experience and good to connect again.”

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