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Even on 9/11, life goes on

Don Rogers

The day broke cold, cloudy and with snow on the peaks. That’s a great omen in these parts, as far as you can get from that crisp sunny Sept. 11, 2001, when those planes crashed into skyscrapers, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania.

Nationally, we took stock through the news media and clergy, all appropriately reflective and somber.

From the ashes of the World Trade Towers, America is … what?

At war. Rebuilding two countries in a classically conflicted region that serves as hotbed to a true New World Disorder. Haltingly growing back the economy. Getting on planes again.

In the Vail Valley, it’s easy to reflect on how much hasn’t changed in our daily lives since the terrorist attacks stunned a country and brought out the colors at every home and car for awhile. We’ve long since furled the household flags, put away the red, white and blue pins and gotten on with skiing, bickering over our relatively petty issues and worrying more about Front Rangers than Mideastern nuts bearing bombs with their grudges.

Some of us are concerned about the latest turns in that war on terrorism, with GIs still dying daily and none of those vaunted weapons of mass destruction to be found. There’s a growing sense of America’s leaders having squandered the outpouring of goodwill the world showed us in the wake of those exploding planes.

Knock wood. Thank God. None of our own so far have given the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Life here in Eagle County has mended to the point that many people had to be reminded of this anniversary.

A look at the community calendar page for Sept. 11 included a couple of services marking the significance of the date. And we understand they were well attended.

There are also events listed such as children’s chorale practice, a slide show about New Zealand, a small-business seminar, a Cub Scout organizational meeting and Tibetan monks creating an intricate and achingly beautiful sand “painting” that will be swept clean in a sign of the impermanence of all things.

Life goes on.

Iron in fire

The most outspoken member of the Vail business community no longer has a business in Vail. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But since when does Kaye Ferry need to draw a paycheck from the Vail Chamber and Business Association she helped form? Looks more like a way to continue serving on the organization’s board. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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