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Even the teacher’s confused

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Vail, Colorado CO

Oh great. The state government insists employers verify that their workers are legal. But the government doesn’t know the law well enough to advise anyone how to do this.

Meantime, employers face fines of $5,000 for first offenses and $25,000 for repeat offenses for a law that began Jan. 1 that even the government can’t figure out well enough to be able to tell employers how to comply.

Not that this will stop fines, should one arm of the government decide to enforce the law that confuses the other.

The result is that immigration has become even more of an Alice in Wonderland world than it was before.

Through the looking glass, we see millions and millions of jobs that, sorry, the native Americans are not doing. There are millions and millions of people who are willing to take on those jobs. But very few work visas are available. So millions and millions of people become “illegal” for working those jobs that need doing.

The consequence of those jobs going unfilled is not higher pay. In this valley in particular, the pay is quite good. The labor shortage has made even illegal workers precious.

One answer is to punish employers for hiring illegals, and that makes a certain amount of sense. It would make more sense if the government cooperated a bit more with making legal immigration less of a mission impossible.

But you’d think at least the government could provide some guidance for employers who need to check on the legal presence of new hires.

When the teacher fails to attend class for lack of doing the homework, as the state Labor Department did last week, you know things have really gone off track.

” D.R.

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