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Even your flooring can be eco-friendly

Matt Terrell
Vail, CO Colorado
Dominique Taylor/Vail DailyDesign consultant Jasmin Wong holds up samples of natural pesticide-free mesquite and bamboo flooring, at Select Surfaces in Avon.

AVON, Colorado ” Mesquite trees can be a nuisance for Texas farmers and ranchers.

But, instead of killing them with pesticides, companies are now paying ranchers to chop them down and harvest them for wood flooring, says Becky Maddux, co-owner of Select Surfaces in Avon.

Mesquite flooring is one of the many “green” options now being offered at Select Surfaces, which is showing how every part of your home, even your floors, can be more environmentally friendly.

“It’s important because using sustainable products are less harmful for the environment,” co-owner Rob Davis said.

Not everything in the store could be considered green ” Davis says he likes giving people choices. The green products are more expensive and don’t have as much variety.

The green products though are becoming more common, manufacturers are making more of them, demand has gone up and prices are going down. It’s becoming easier for Select Surfaces to stock green products, and the workers there like to tell customers about them.

“If customers have a choice between green products and traditional products, if they are in the same price range, more and more people are opting for a greener choice,” Davis said.

Cork flooring, for instance, is becoming popular. Cork is made from the bark, which is pulled off the trees without killing them. It can quickly grow back and be harvested again, Maddux said.

“Some people don’t realize cork flooring is a really, really durable product,” Davis said. “It can last for decades and decades.”

Bamboo, which also quickly regrows after being cut down, is quite popular. If you have dogs, or wear a lot of high heels, bamboo may not be the best option.

“It can easily bend,” Maddux said.

The store sells natural wool carpet that is made without the chemicals that can make you sick, Maddux said. It’s made with natural adhesives and without stain protections and dyes ” the color of the carpet is the color of the sheep, which can be a little limiting for those wanting a wider variety of colors, Maddux said.

It’s also nice to know that wool, as it comes from sheep, grows back, making it a sustainable product.

“People with allergies should definitely consider wool carpeting,” Davis said.

The store also sells recycled glass and recycled porcelain flooring, which just means that the material was made from already used material that could have ended up in a landfill.

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