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Every bit helps

Steve Zorichak

I received a telephone call from Dr. Tom Steinberg asking if I would be interested in contributing to the public fund raising for the Bair Ranch Project during the $50,000 matching funds drive. …

He mailed a most informative brochure, and a note of explanation. I will quote some of the facts from his note: The project is raising the last $350,000 of the $5.3 million easement cost. At this time, each contribution, regardless of size, will be matched by a $50 gift from a private family trust. This will lower the total a good amount below the $300,000 total because of the added $50,000 to the actual value of the first 1,000 contributors.

Send as little as $5 or a larger amount, and $50 will be added to it. Just think of the total potential of the 1,000 individual contributions if they equal or exceed $50. …

I will enthusiastically donate $50, and would encourage others to join the project now, by sending your contributions to:

The Bair Ranch Project


P.O. Box 3308

Eagle, Colorado, 81631

Steve Zorichak


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