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Everything to all, all the time, forever

Pam Holmes Boyd
Britton Green, Chris Atencio and Roberto Sandoval are all shined up for this year's Battle Mountain prom.

Wife, mother, student – all three describe Battle Mountain High School senior Daisy Lovato. Soon, she will add the word “graduate” to her resume.

Together with her husband Raul Billalba, Lovato welcomed son Irvin into the world seven months ago. The change in her life’s circumstances didn’t dissuade Lovato from obtaining her diploma.

“I took one semester off,” she said. But she came back for the second semester of her senior year and is taking six classes to earn her diploma.

“Most of the girls I know tell me if they had had a baby, they wouldn’t have finished high school,” said Lovato. “But I just wanted to be the best mom I could be and set a good example for my baby.”

It hasn’t been easy for Lovato, and she is quick to credit her husband and her own mother for helping her meet the challenges. “I feel lucky that my husband has supported me and what I do,” she said.

The picture of a proud mom, Lovato said Irwin has cooperated wonderfully with her schedule.

“He is a good baby. He doesn’t even wake up at night,” she said. She works hard to complete homework assignments while she is at school so that she can focus on family life once she arrives home.

Lovato said becoming a mother so young means cost some of the social aspects of her high school years, but the tradeoff is worth it, she says.

“I love being a mother, so I really don’t mind it,” she said. “I don’t think it matters what age you are when you have a baby. It matters when you are ready.”

Lovato insists she was ready to become a mother.

“I doing miss anything from before I was a mom. I love being with my baby and I think of him first.”

In that vein, Lovato will enroll in a correspondence course to train for a career as a medical claims and billing specialist. “I like the medical field and I like that I could study at home and be with my baby,” she said.

She anticipates she will finish her studies in a couple of months, and then she hopes to go to work for a local doctor or dentist. As she considers her future, Lovato noted that she is bi-lingual and she figures that will give her an advantage when she goes job hunting.

But for now, she is enjoying her Shakespeare class and she is looking forward to her graduation ceremony.

“It will feel great to be at graduation and look out at my baby and my husband and my family,” she said. “I really wanted to get my high school diploma, since I have been coming here for all these years.”

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