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Everywhere a sign

Warren Graboyes

With all the controversy about PARKING in Vail, we all need to take the time to drive down the frontage road this week as I did this afternoon, to see all the new improvements and I do mean improvements very sarcastically.

An extra lane of parking with more NO PARKING signs than you could ever dream of. We are now the single MOST SIGNED PLACE I HAVE EVER SEEN.

This is what our town government thinks we need. Also check out the NEW LANE of PARKING which I never heard brought up publicly, which town employees are building, yet, no one, including several officials, could tell me who is paying for this fine accommodation to our visitors.

NO PARKING BUT OK ON WEEKENDS is what the signs should say. The town paying for this work if true, and assuredly the UGLY INTRUSIVE SIGNS, come under the WHAT IS TOWN COUNCIL THINKING label.

All the incumbents running for office should go there as well. This is why many people are moving downvalley. UGLY was never what we wanted to become here. All you can now see driving are the UGLY SIGNS. What happened to the VIEW CORRIDORS?

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They say first and final impressions are lasting so is this what we want our visitors to see coming and going. Why are we forced to see this all the time ourselves.

Our new town manager should look for himself, gather his forces, talk with his minions and then TAKE IT ALL DOWN, and then explain to us, the lowly public, how they got there and whose purpose they serve. Go see for yourself and then write, call and SCREAM.

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