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Ex-wife: Mogul deserves jail time

The ex-wife of indicted real estate agent Mark Mogul says her former spouse needs to go to jail.That’s unlikely to happen if Mogul, facing two felony theft charges for allegedly bilking timeshare investors out of $341,325, accepts the terms of a plea agreement currently being offered by the district attorney’s office.Under the terms of the plea deal, Mogul would avoid jail if he agrees to pay restitution to Crescent Club Investors.”There isn’t currently a plea agreement but we’re still working on it,” says District Attorney Mark Hurlbert. A hearing is set for June 18 in Eagle County District Court.Mogul’s ex-wife, Jackie Bogle-Meuse of Warrenton, Va., says, “I definitely think (Mogul) should go to jail; I think anybody in that situation should go to jail if he’s let off, that’s criminal.”Patrick Tooley, a Denver attorney who represents Crescent Club Investors in a civil suit against Mogul, says he can’t comment on the proposed plea deal in the criminal case without discussing it with his clients first. He had not called back as of Thursday, June 5.Mogul’s court-appointed attorney, Terrence O’Connor of Edwards, was on vacation and could not be reached for comment.In court documents obtained by The Vail Trail, O’Connor, who advised Mogul of the offer on May 21, is quoted as saying it “involves a lot of money and repayment of restitution”Hurlbert could not provide the specific terms of the plea agreement. Mogul was charged with two Class 3 felony theft counts, each punishable by 4-12 years in prison, fines ranging between $3,000 and $750,000 and mandatory five years of parole.Mogul is alleged to have kept money placed in an escrow account by Crescent Club Investors that was intended for the purchase of fractional ownership in vacation properties. Authorities believe he dispersed the funds into accounts controlled by he and his current wife, Patty, though she is not named in the criminal or civil cases. (For a detailed accounting of the court cases against mogul, see “Take the money and run”, Vail Trail, Sept. 27, 2002 by going to http://www.vailtrail.com and clicking on the archives icon.)Eric Lyon of Edwards, a partner with Mogul in Mogul-Lyon Equities (MLE), claims Mogul acted on his own and kept all of the money, although Lyon is named in the civil suit as a partner in MLE. No criminal charges have ever been filed against Lyon, and he is now working for the Ritz-Carlton Club.Because of the civil suit, Lyon refuses to discuss the details of the case, but had this to say about Mogul’s potential plea deal: “I’m glad this is coming to an end. My position is to move on with my life and my career, and I’m very happy now to be with a reputable company.”Mogul’s ex-wife, Bogle-Meuse, says her former husband, 44, needs jail time and counseling to end a pattern of lies and cons that stretches back years.”He always gets away with things, and if he doesn’t get punished, then the next thing will be even worse,” Bogle-Meuse says. “The one reason I thought it would be good for him to got to jail is that maybe they would put him in counseling and he would be forced to go. The guy is mentally ill; he’s not capable of telling the truth.”Bogle-Meuse says she first met Mogul when he was ski instructing in Aspen in 1986. They got married four months later and she was pregnant soon after. When she was seven months pregnant, Bogle-Meuse says she found out Mogul had another wife in Florida whom he had left but not officially divorced yet.Bogle-Meuse says she stayed with him because “Mark is a con man. He’d cry and beg, and finally when (their daughter) was nine months old, I left because I had bill collector after bill collector calling and everything was lies.”Their daughter, now 15, lived with Bogle-Meuse for 12 years, then moved in with Mogul in Eagle County for three years ending in January. She is now back with her mother.Bogle-Meuse says the only reason she has followed Mogul’s case so closely is her daughter was living with Mogul at the time.Mogul could not be reached for comment; his listed phone number in Edwards has been disconnected.

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