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Excellent choice for Supreme Court

Carole Onderdonk
Vail, CO, Colorado

President Obama made an excellent choice in nominating Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court. An outstanding judge with a sharp legal mind, Sotomayor’s life story is as inspiring as it is familiar to millions of Americans. She grew up in a public housing project, lost her father at the age of 9, fought to get a good education and worked at nearly every level of the U.S. judicial system.

Sotomayor will be the court’s first Latina justice and the third woman to serve on the court. What’s more, she will bring more federal judicial experience to the Supreme Court than any justice in 100 years.

As a district attorney in New York, she successfully prosecuted hundreds of robbery, assault, murder, police-brutality and child-pornography cases. And on the bench, she has been widely respected as a judge who is able to issue decisions that hold both factual details and legal doctrines in equal measure.

Sotomayor is known as a moderate on the court, where she often forges consensus and agrees with her conservative colleagues far more frequently than she disagrees with them. Her sophisticated grasp of the legal doctrine, her keen awareness of how the law impacts daily life and her long history of winning support from both sides of the aisle (she was nominated to federal district court by President George H.W. Bush and promoted to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals by President Clinton) make her uniquely qualified to serve on the Supreme Court.

Carole Onderdonk



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