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Excess with a banner

Fredric Butler

How many men and machines does it take to put up a small banner in a small town? Answer: Two fire engines (one that is large and has a ladder), one police car to block the street, one policeman and six firemen (four with helmets); all were neatly attired in their uniforms, were attentive in their task, and all the while, the diesel engines were puffing away; this endeavor took about one hour.

This scene is especially noteworthy in that the banner had to do with ecology (Mother Earth) ” what we could do about pollution, cutting costs, and conserving our resources, such as fossil fuels.

Although it might do us proud to have such a fine fire-brigade, do you suppose that when its time to take the banner down, the town would allow me to fetch my tall ladder, and in turn take the banner down by myself ” at no charge to the public; I would even sign a liability waiver to assuage its litigious paranoia. I would even put a coat and tie on for the occasion so that the town could be proud of me too (a taxpayer).

These are times that try men’s souls when somehow your government misses the point in its endeavors to keep us safe and the earth “greener”; perhaps it would be better to have an unabated fire than suffer the extravagant costs of dousing it; ergo, in this instance, I would trade a fire engine for a ladder for the sake of “Mother Earth.”

In our time and place, this is an analogy for the Eagle River Station project; we should eschew excess and consumption, and strive for maintaining a simpler and greener life-style ” a ladder in the stead of excess.

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