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Exercise in governance in Eagle

Fredric Butler
Eagle, CO, Colorado

RED has already given something beneficial to the Town of Eagle, and that is a study of democracy as it should be manifested in the heartland of Americana. It has made the denizens of the Eagle area focus on the classical confrontation of corporate America with its quest for the bottom line, and small-town values that retreat to more humble aspirations.

The town is now showcasing the Republican format for governance, what with its ear to the will of the people and in turn republishing that will be in the form of an approval of the ERS application. I believe that it will play out in this fashion.

The legislative authorities in America are of the Republican genre in the political scheme of things, owing to the time constraints on the citizens, and their proclivity to place issues of this nature in the hands of representatives in Congress.

I further believe that the town Board of Trustees will return its decision of approving the RED application to the people for their ultimate consideration and resolution. In doing so by this referendum, the town will revert to a democracy in its purest form. The importance of this process is that the means will justify the end, since if the ERS project is approved by the voters, it should be accepted by its opponents as well as the proponents, owing to the vindication of the democratic process, in and of itself.

We have all made our voices heard, one way or the other. Although we may not be successful in dissuading the majority to our position in the matter, in the process we have experienced a democratic rarity that is vanishing from the landscape in the same manner as old Eagle itself. In other words, if we cannot arrive at Coronado, the ride was worth it!

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Fredric Butler

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