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Exit rage in East Vail

Alicia Arseneau
Vail, CO, Colorado

Last Monday, the pass closed once again. I approached the East Vail exit hoping I would not be stuck in the closure. Unfortunately, my car was feet from the exit but partially blocked by the car in front of mine.

I rolled down my window and to ask the driver of the car next to me if it was possible to move a bit so I could get by as I lived in East Vail. The driver informed me that he too lived in East Vail and all traffic was being diverted off the highway.

Unfortunately, we were all stuck! I apologized for the misunderstanding, rolled up my window and waited for the traffic to clear off the highway.

While I was waiting, I was serenaded by a loud and obnoxious horn. Since I was not able to move, the driver approached. Screaming at the top of her voice, she told me to “Move your car!” She lived in East Vail, this was her exit and that I was blocking the entire exit and needed to move my car immediately. She continued her tirade, red-faced and quite animated.

Finally, after a solid two minutes of verbal abuse, she let me speak. When I explained the situation, she stormed off without an apology.

Is this what has become of Vail. Are we so arrogant and self-important that we feel it is our right to scream at our neighbors? And thank goodness I am her neighbor, and not a visitor, who on that one impression will forever decide that Vail is home to the most horrific and obnoxious people.

Whatever happened to civility? Have we forgotten that Vail’s economic future rests in our ability to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated?

I only know this woman lives in East Vail. I hope I never have the opportunity to meet her again. And I really hope that she never crosses paths with anyone else until she gets an anger management course that specializes in road closure rage. Our town is better than this.

Alicia Arseneau

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