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Expansion plan for Eagle bike park envisions runs that mimic local trails

Eagle Open Space and Recreation Committee seeks community input on final concept design

BMX bikers race during the Eagle County BMX State Race Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020, at the pump track in Eagle. As renderings for a potential park expansion have been presented, planners hope the space can be used by all skill levels to hone talents and build confidence.
Chris Dillmann | Vail Daily archive

Eagle’s Open Space and Recreation Committee unveiled its final concept design for major expansions to the bike park near the Eagle Pool and Ice Rink at Haymaker’s trailhead. One of the park’s major objectives is to create a space that mimics challenging aspects of favorite local trails. 

The park expansion will have a zone with features just like the ones on Haymaker’s trail, said Brian Lieberman, the town’s open space manager, at the Jan. 10 Open Space and Recreation Committee meeting. 

“They can practice riding the Haymaker berms, but not on the actual Haymaker berms, which are very intimidating for a beginner user or even a child,” Lieberman said. 

Lieberman also mentioned that the park will include an uphill climbing portion, intended to imitate a portion of the Boneyard trail that many might struggle with. 

“So, they can be at this bike park and practice those skills and try to get to that level before they go out on the trail,” Lieberman said. “So, it’s bringing elements of what exists out in our trail system into this area to practice on and relate to, which I think is a pretty cool idea.”

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The bike park is one of many projects slotted for the town and Mountain Recreation at the Haymaker Trailhead area. In the Haymaker Trailhead Master Plan, created in March 2020, leaders and stakeholders outlined several community amenities within the “campus” with a goal of better serving the recreational needs of the continually growing Eagle community. 

The recreation campus will be a zone for people to come together and play — a gathering place for community members of diverse backgrounds and interests. Another project slotted in the Haymaker Trailhead Master Plan is the addition of a skate park, the first one in the town.

While discussions about the bike park are being held amid the final concept design presentation, conversations about the skate park are also happening. Within the final concept design of the bike park, there is space set aside for a skate park. When surveying community members about the recreation campus, a skate park amenity ranked highest as a written response that locals wanted to see. 

“This is a high priority for the skate community and to engage teenage users,” the Haymaker Trailhead Master Plan read.

With the final bike park concept design complete, Eagle Open Space and Recreation reached out to a number of contractors to look into building the amenity. 

“Once we understand the cost from that contractor, we will know and anticipate that we will have to do some more fundraising to fully complete all the elements in this,” Lieberman said.

With a first phase goal billed for spring through summer, Lieberman said that it is not yet determined whether the project will be completed in 2023. However, he said the town is hoping to get good community feedback on the park’s final concept. 

Kickstarting community involvement with the completion of the bike park project, Lieberman said students at Zealous Schools — the microschool in Eagle Range — assisted planners with feedback and ideas for the preliminary rendering. 

Looking forward, Lieberman said that it will be important for the community to continue to be involved in the creation and care of its bike bark. 

“We always want to make sure that we’re stewards of this,” Lieberman said. “It’s our community bike park, so we want our community to take care of it and to understand it.”

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