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Fabulous rhythms and cat calls

Cassie Pence

In the Latino cultural, women rule. Women are portrayed as larger than life mystical icons, often provoking a fear in men. In “Chasing Squirrel,” the commissioned dance piece for the Vail International Dance Festival, choreographer Trey McIntyre explores this relationship between men and women in Latin culture. The Cincinnati Ballet will be performing the piece Tuesday and Wednesday at the Vilar Center for the Arts in Beaver Creek at 7:30 p.m.

“I think Trey has addressed the relationship in a way that is not political or a heavy duty statement,” Victoria Morgan, artistic director for the Cincinnati Ballet, said. “It is actually really playful and really inventive.””Chasing Squirrel” is set to excerpts from the music of the Kronos Quartet’s album “Nuevo.” The contemporary work, where the women are on point, is a high stamina piece for the dancers, Morgan said, using very athletic moves.”Trey has a really fabulous sense of creating movement that looks spontaneous,” Morgan said.

The title emerged when McIntyre witnessed a dog owner unleash her pet to chase a squirrel up a tree in Central Park. He was inspired by the quality of the chase’s movement and used that as a source of reference for some of the dance’s movement ideas.”The chasing squirrel part is so appropriate because it moves so fast, they’re like squirrels, and they are tangled up and they run around and they move from one piece to the next seamlessly,” Morgan said.

McIntyre is known for his very today style. In 1994, he was the youngest choreographer selected internationally to participate in the New York City Ballet’s prestigious Diamond project, creating the critically acclaimed “Steel and Rain.””The audience will find ‘Chasing Squirrel’ quite sexy, hot and far out,” Katherine Kersten, the festival’s producing artistic director, said.The choreographer’s piece gives the festival an opportunity to advance the growth of dance.

“Dance is dependent on young choreographers nourishing the art work,” Kersten said.The Cincinnati Ballet will offer two different programs Tuesday and Wednesday, except for the repetition of “Chasing Squirrel.” The company will perform a work by George Balanchine.

“It’s extremely musical, a visualization of the score itself through the dancers bodies,” Morgan said.The troupe will also perform “Rainbow Round my Shoulder,” based on original chain gang songs, “Romeo and Juliet” and more.For more information or to purchase tickets, based near Vail, Colorado, at (970) 845-TIXS.

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