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Facelift at 40 Map Legend

Scott Cunningham

Privately-funded projects1. Currently the Vail Resorts Maintenance Yard and Holy Cross Lot, this land has been donated to the Town of Vail in order to construct a $46 million conference center, complete with parking and employee housing. According to Vail community development director Russell Forrest, this location has not been set in stone, and there is still an outside possibility the 40,000-square-foot conference center could end up at Parcel H. No exact location was specified in the ballot language that Vail voters approved in November.2. The Eagle River Water and Sanitation District. Part of this structure could be converted to private office space, and this facility will definitely be undergoing an upgrade to accommodate the additional sewage created by the expansion of Lionshead.3. Vail Resorts West Day Lot and the Marriott Hotel. Extensive renovations to the Marriott have already been completed, but Vail Resorts, which owns the hotel, is planning on adding 18 riverside townhomes, 58 condo units, and 167 more hotel rooms.4. Antlers Condominium Association. The Antlers, which recently completed extensive renovations, plans on adding 24 new condominium units, as well as 14 employee housing beds.5. Lionshead Core Site. A complete makeover of the area where the old gondola building and clock tower currently reside is scheduled to begin construction in 2005. The new amenities include a five-star, 83-room hotel (likely under the ski company’s Rockresorts brand); 66 condominium units; 23,600 square feet of new skier services; 20,000 square feet of commercial/retail and restaurant space; and a new pedestrian streetscape. In conjunction with the transit center proposed on Parcel 8, the renovated Lionshead center will create an entirely new entrance to the area. Developer Vail Resorts has also contemplated adding an ice rink to the plans, which are scheduled to be submitted within the next 30 days.6. The tennis court site. In place of the netless, cracked tennis courts across the river from the Lionsquare Lodge, Vail Resorts is proposing five luxury homesites that will serve as the economic engine to drive the other Lionshead redevelopment plans. Ground is scheduled to be broken in 2004.7. Concert Hall Plaza. The plaza is looking to redevelop and add retail and residential properties at the same time the Lionshead core is redeveloped.8. Vail Resorts North Day Lot. A proposed transit center would redirect shuttle and drop-off traffic away from the Lionshead parking structure and funnel it directly into the renovated core. Potentially, skiers could step off the bus and walk in a straight line to the mountain, directly through the hotel and retail area. In addition, Vail Resorts is planning on constructing 100 employee housing beds on the site.9 & 10. Evergreen Lodge Redevelopment and the Vail Valley Medical Center. A land swap between the Evergreen and the VVMC that would have made improvements to both entities possible is currently null and void. The Evergreen was proposing a renovation that would result in 134 hotel rooms, 40 condo units, and 36 employee housing beds, while the VVMC is searching for a way to build an access point onto South Frontage Road, and thereby cease to rely on Meadow Drive for traffic access.11. Chateau at Vail. Plans were submitted this week for a complete redevelopment of the hotel as a Four Seasons flagship destination. See sidebar.12. Vail Village Inn. The VVI redevelopment, which might involve the same development company HP Development of Minneapolis and Denver as the Chateau at Vail, includes 99 hotel rooms, one condominium unit, 50 fractional units, and 18 beds of employee housing.13. Crossroads. Owner Oscar Tang is looking to redevelop the existing facilities, expanding the movie theater and create a public plaza in place of the existing parking lot. Parking would move underground.14. Swiss Haus. The Sonnenalp is proposing to re-do their Swiss Haus with 46 hotel rooms, 13 fractional units, nine condominium units, and new retail on Meadow Drive.15. Vail Mountain Lodge. A renovation includes 27 hotel rooms, four condominiums, eight fractional units, and eight beds of employee housing.16. Lots P3&J. On the surface, Vail Resorts will construct new parking for the Christiana Lodge, as well as a neighborhood park. Underneath, there will be 114 underground parking spaces expected to sell for $100,000 each.17. The Tivoli Lodge. Scheduled to begin construction in 2004, the Tivoli is remaking itself into a boutique hotel with 76 rooms. An artist’s rendering can be viewed at the community development office.18. Vail’s Front Door, Part 1. A two-acre parcel behind the Lodge Tower will transfer parking and delivery traffic from the surface to underground. Mountain Road will be reconnected via this underground passageway, which will serve to reduce the delivery traffic in the pedestrian village. Above ground, 13 fractional units are proposed, as well as an 11,000-square-foot ski club building and a 13,000-square-foot spa that will be associated with the Lodge at Vail.19. Vail’s Front Door, Part 2. The Vista Bahn ski yard conceptual plans have been submitted, and after Vail Resorts receives approval from the town, the company will begin transforming the main access point onto Vail Mountain. The steps leading up to the lift will be eliminated in a re-grading that will create a new skier services area that will house new and improved restrooms. From the mountain, the area will appear to be natural and untouched, but as a skier approaches the mountain from Bridge and Wall streets, the skier services and retail will be visible. In addition, an escalator will be installed.Publicly-funded projectsThere are several public projects at various stages of germination, as well. If every one became a reality, the total cost would be in the neighborhood of $40 million to 60 million.A. South Frontage Road. Though it will cost $15 million to build dedicated acceleration and deceleration lanes and add landscaping and pedestrian walkways onto South Frontage Road (from Cascade Village to Vail Road), only $5 million of that amount will be funded by Vail taxpayers. The other $10 million will be contributed by CDOT and private developers, according to the town’s working plan.B. West Lionshead Circle. Road and pedestrian streetscape improvements near the Marriott will cost an estimated $1.5 million.C. Concert Hall Plaza access. Pedestrian and emergency vehicle access cost unknown.D. Lionshead Pedestrian Mall. In conjunction with Vail Resorts’ redesign of the core, the town will spend $9 million adding lighting, landscaping, and snowmelt improvements.E. East Lionshead Pedestrian Portal. As other improvements eliminate service and delivery vehicles, private skier drop-off, and local transit shuttles from the East Lionshead portal, the area will receive a $3 million makeover to better welcome skiers arriving in personal vehicles.F. East Lionshead Circle. Road and streetscape improvements total $1 million.G. Lionshead Parking Structure. The town is currently deciding whether or not to add a $15 million plate to the structure, in conjunction with a renovation of the entire facility. The project would add 350 parking spaces.H. Vail Center-Charter Bus Lot. This site could house a community facility hub, or possibly the proposed conference center.I. Meadow Drive. The town is proposing $3.3 million of pedestrian and vehicular streetscape improvements to the popular retail avenue that also houses the library and Dobson Arena.J. Vail Village. In conjunction with Vail Resorts’ Front Door project, the town is contributing $10 million to add snowmelt surfacing, site lighting and furnishings, retaining walls, landscaping and public plaza improvements.

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