Failed diatribe |

Failed diatribe

Tom Koehler, Avon

One glaring example: how laughable that he states that 70 percent of Americans believe the administration regarding Iraq, and then two sentences later, he whines that the government “scorns” the opinions of its own people.

Obviously, the government and the majority of its people are in concert on this issue, and he admits it.

And what burrow has Mr. Hohn been cringing in that he could say there has been no controversy and no discussion about the Iraq matter? The newspapers, TV, and yes, AM radio, have been full of it for months now. He says that we need discussion, then calls Joy Overbeck’s opinion “traitorous.” He wants free speech for everyone but those who disagree with him. How pathetic indeed.

It’s obvious that the current President Bush is building a coalition, just as his father did before the Gulf War. But he is doing it in a way that offends liberals because “W” isn’t quite polite enough for their taste. These are the same liberals whose own good manners and respect for their country inspire them to burn its flag and yell obscenities in their anti-war demonstrations.

Hohn’s letter is a failed emotional diatribe. Attack your opponent personally and distort the facts, but attempt to sound intellectual and informed in the process.

We must forgive him and his kind and show compassion in that the frustration from lack of ideas, leadership and character causes them to do and say strange things. When they have no ideas, no solutions, all that is left is personal attack and criticism.

And I can’t help but wonder what’s up or rather, what’s down, with Mr.

Hohn’s obviously dwindling testosterone that he should be so worried that an intelligent woman has more of it than he.

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