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Faint hearts no font of wisdom

Don Rogers

Let’s see. Throw out the studies that show Vail could improve its economy – particularly during the mud seasons – by building a conference center that voters approved over two years ago.A handful of faint hearts in town, fastening on the lone voice crying out against public centers for decades, aims to stampede the town as if cattle in a thunderstorm against the very notion. Goodness, others are building conference centers, too. Oh, my. Add this to a long list of things that could not possibly work: Ford Amphitheater, since who would ever come to Vail when such facilities exist in other towns? Dobson Ice Arena, oh the cost! Donovan Pavilion, with all those other places to go for events and weddings? Middle Creek apartments, they’ll never fill it. At some point, the mere fact that Vail’s band of naysayers are ALWAYS wrong has got to factor in. How did Earl and Pete ever manage to get a ski resort and town built when the odds truly were against such a creation?Sure, a Vail conference center will have to be well planned, well built on budget and well run. Duh. But this is not beyond the top resort community in America.If the timid ones wish to divine the future from Y2K, a recession, Sept. 11, subsequent wars, that’s fine. It shouldn’t be confused with wisdom, though. D.R.Vail, Colorado

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