Family of Beaver Creek skier who died donates her organs |

Family of Beaver Creek skier who died donates her organs

Taylor Storch

BEAVER CREEK – Organ donation isn’t something Taylor Storch’s family ever really talked about. But when the time came, the family knew what Taylor would want.

The 13-year-old from Coppell, Texas was fatally injured after hitting a tree while skiing Beaver Creek with her family Sunday. Doctors at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction declared her brain-dead just after noon on Monday.

Early Wednesday, the family sent word that Taylor’s organs had been donated. The statement said her heart saved a 39-year-old Arizona woman. Her kidneys and pancreas were used to help two Colorado residents, and a one-year-old baby received her liver.

Speaking for the family, Taylor’s uncle, Terry Storch, said the family’s decision was heartbreaking, but easy to make.

“She was such a life-giving person,” Terry Storch said. “She was a remarkable person and (her parents) knew she’d want to continue to give life in her absence.”

While Taylor’s parents are grieving deeply, Terry Storch said that being able to share Taylor’s life with others helps, a little.

“We all take comfort in the fact she was able to give life to so many people when she couldn’t continue hers,” Terry Storch said.

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