Family Restaurant – Best of Vail Valley 2020 |

Family Restaurant – Best of Vail Valley 2020

The welcoming interior of Vail's Alpenrose restaurant.
Chris Dillmann |

Best Family Restaurant

1. Alpenrose

2. Almresi

3. Boneyard

Vail’s fame as a family resort is more than just the mountain. The town has dining that welcomes families from grandparents to infants.

Siblings Joshua and Alyssa Thoma have two of those restaurants. Alpenrose finished first in this year’s voting, with Almresi, the duo’s other Vail restaurant, following close behind.

The Thoma family took over Alpenrose fairly recently, but the restaurant has been a fixture in Vail since 1974.

“Alpenrose is now not only the place where the grandparents took their kids, but a place filled with a lot of old memories,” Joshua said. “It’s new Alpine coziness invites new memories for young and old alike.”

Walking into Alpenrose is a trip to the Old World, with wood from a reclaimed Swiss farmhouse providing atmosphere.

But a restaurant needs more than atmosphere to succeed. Alpenrose features Austrian, German and Swiss favorites from potato soup to rosti and the crispy pork shank.

In addition to duck, lamb, veal, pork and chicken, there are also vegetarian options.

There are also Old World libations, with an extensive menu of schnapps.

That’s how you warm bodies and spirits in Vail, in any season.

-Scott Miller

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