Family road trip now more meaningful |

Family road trip now more meaningful

I was too young to drive the last time I took a road trip with my family. Or, rather, the last time I was kidnapped and forced to go along for the ride.

My how the times have changed. This weekend I will be embarking on a cross-country road-trip with my family once again. That’s right, yours truly will be crammed into a mini-van with all three of my siblings and both of my parents for ten days as we travel from Indiana to New England and back again. And you know what? I’m actually looking forward to it.

That time of life when I was too cool to hang out with my family has come and gone. They no longer embarrass me, although at times I’m sure I still embarrass them. No, I get along great with my family now that I have been an adult for some years. We don’t always see eye to eye, but we don’t have to fight to prove our point anymore either.

I realized something else when my mother presented this whole crazy idea to me: I may not get many more chances to spend this kind of time with my family. It’s a scary thought, but none of us are getting any younger.

My parents have planned this all out to the tee. They actually made an itinerary. I don’t know which movie to compare us to more, Chevy Chase’s family in Vacation, or the family in Little Miss Sunshine. I know one thing for sure, no amount of planning is going to make this trip go off without a hitch. That just wouldn’t be fair.

At least my dad won’t have to shoulder the burden of driving all by himself this time. Well, he never had to, my mom could have driven too, but dad would never have it. And when we got wherever it was we were going, he would be one cranky man. Not this time. He’s got no excuses with three other eligible drivers on board.

Through it all, I hope to learn more about my family than I know right now. I don’t get to see them as often as I would like to due to my own desires and responsibilities in life, so when I do get time with them I like to make it count. It’s hard trying to cram 365 days into a week, but it also keeps things interesting.

Being that we are all family, I’m absolutely sure that there will be bumps in the road and maybe even a few arguments thrown in for good measure, but there is one other thing I’m sure of as well; it will be an unforgettable time for us all.

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