Family says Frisco PD overstepped bounds |

Family says Frisco PD overstepped bounds

Julie Sutor

FRISCO – A stolen white pickup truck sat in Lee Cropper’s Ptarmigan driveway last Wednesday night, but Cropper said he never should have ended up face-down on his deck surrounded by police officers.”Someone ditched it in the driveway, and I didn’t see it get dumped,” Cropper said. “I had walked the dogs and come back around 7 p.m., and it wasn’t there. A little after 8 p.m., we heard a loud bang, bang, bang on the door. I asked who it was, and the cop on the deck said ‘Frisco police.'”I pulled the blinds back and a cop had a gun in ready position, ordering me to open the door.”Frisco police had responded earlier to a call from a Frisco resident reporting a stolen vehicle. The thief had used a hidden spare key inside the truck.Silverthorne and Dillon police and Colorado State Patrol joined Frisco police at the Ptarmigan residence when they discovered the missing vehicle. Officers searched Cropper, his wife, Mary Pat, and their 14-year-old son, Quinn.”We were trying to figure out what in the world was going on, but they didn’t explain a thing,” Cropper said. “After they patted us down, they let us come in and sit on the couch and explained what was going on. The cop said that there was a stolen car in the driveway. I said, ‘Really?'”Cropper said he doesn’t know why the thief would have parked the truck in his driveway and that he had no connection to the theft. Frisco Police Chief Tom Wickman said Tuesday that the Croppers are not suspects in the case.”I know one of our lines of questioning was about any of (Cropper’s) employees, but I believe there’s no connection there,” Wickman said.Wickman and Frisco Police Officer Michael Sineni have both apologized to the Croppers, but the family lodged a formal complaint with Wickman.”This could have gone south real quick,” Mary Pat Cropper said. “Both my husband and son are hunters, and my son was real scared. He could be dead right now if he came out to defend us.”Wickman has launched an internal investigation to determine if his staff followed the department’s policies and procedures, he said. Vail, Colorado

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