Family’s pet tortoise goes on the lam in Steamboat Springs, returns home safe |

Family’s pet tortoise goes on the lam in Steamboat Springs, returns home safe

Scott Franz
Steamboat Today
Isabel, left, and John Henry Feldmann hold the tortoise that went missing and eventually returned home along Steamboat Boulevard.
Luanne Feldmann | Courtesy photo |

A tortoise named Turtle that spent 2 1/2 days on the lam in Steamboat Springs returned home to a relieved Feldmann family Saturday afternoon.

No word yet on what Milo and Otis-level adventures she might have had along Steamboat Boulevard.

John Feldmann said Saturday that Turtle apparently snuck outside the front door of his family’s home a few days ago.

“Someone must have left it open,” Feldmann said.

The family put out papers in the neighborhood trying to locate the reptile. It was discovered safe and sound in the family’s backyard Saturday. Feldmann estimates Turtle traveled about a half-mile around the neighborhood before returning home.

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The 14-year-old Sulcata Desert Tortoise is a known escape artist.

Feldmann said when the family took an RV trip to Florida a few years ago, Turtle made a run for the jungle. She was stopped right before disappearing into the wild.

“We would have never found her again,” he said.

During the search here in Steamboat, Feldmann assured neighbors the tortoise was harmless and prefers to go into its shell when frightened. Before it was found, neighbors had spotted the tortoise (slowly) crossing the road and hanging out in nearby driveways.

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