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Far from convincing

Don Rogers

That’s it? Give up our tax refunds for easier curves at Dowd Junction and passing lanes on Vail Pass? Forget it. What happened to all this pain the state was enduring as a result of TABOR restrictions? Suspend the tax surplus refunds for five years for what locally? A couple of cheap highway improvements that hardly fall into the category of necessities? Sheesh. A few signs to post slower speed limits through the offending turns, along with a state trooper swinging through a little more often than a blue moon, could take care of Dowd simply enough. Vail Pass, well that’s just silly.State officials are off on the wrong foot if they are trying to convince Eagle County voters that the state’s tax strictures are strangling us. That’s their idea of easing pain? What pain? Dowd Junction and Vail Pass are goodies, not necessities. They are going to have to a lot better job than that if they think they are going to convince Colorado’s voters that suspending TABOR’s tax refunds is necessary. If this is their big argument locally, they are failing miserably. It’s time to get serious. There are real difficulties with state finances, to be sure. The state is at least $250 million in the hole. State university tuition increases are soaring. Medical care for our poorest citizens is in tough straits. Road wise, the Eagle County Regional Airport would benefit from its own interchange, which would ease traffic strains on Eagle and Gypsum.But if wider curves at Dowd Junction and adding a passing lane at Vail Pass are examples of what the state would do with our refunds, we’ll take the dreaded deficit and surplus, thank you. No need to let the state waste more of our hard-earned money atop what it already claims as its own. Vail, Colorado

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