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Farrow Hitt to be sworn in today as Vail’s newest councilman

Stephen Lloyd Wood/Daily Staff Writer

“The Hittman” will take the oath of office at 1 p.m. as the first item of business for the council’s regularly scheduled work session.

“I’ve been preparing all weekend,” Hitt said Monday. “When I got my first council packet, I said “let the job begin’ and took several hours to read it all over.”

“Learning curve’

Hitt, 48, manages the Park Meadows Lodge in West Vail. He was selected by 227 of Vail’s voters – or 40.9 percent of the 555 ballots cast – to replace long-time councilman and former Mayor Ludwig Kurz, who served his maximum allowable eight years. Hitt said he’s already had several meetings with town officials and other Vail movers and shakers to familiarize himself with the issues from the inside, and he’s looking forward to getting down to town business.

“There’s going to be a learning curve to get up to speed,” he acknowledged.

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Sybill Navas, a member of the council from 1993 through 2001, said the learning curve for a new council member can be steep and that she was “overwhelmed” and “shocked” when she first took office.

“It was like listening to somebody speaking Greek. But you get used to all the phone calls and paperwork,” she said. “And Farrow has been involved and been to a lot of meetings. I think he’ll be prepared and do a great job.”

“A little while to digest things’

Vail Town Manager Stan Zemler said Hitt’s arrival solidifies various aspects of town business in that two other council members – Kent Logan and Kim Ruotolo – are still new, too, having been elected to four-year terms in November.

Zemler himself only has been at his job since October.

“To a small extent, Kent and Kim have been learning with me. Anytime you get elected, it takes a little while to digest things,” said Zemler. “Farrow’s a bright guy, and my guess is he will do fine.”

Zemler said only a few “briefings and tours” have been postponed waiting for the newest council to come together. The council’s semi-annual retreat will be held Feb. 13 instead of just weeks following the regular November election.

“I think the important thing is to elect good people,” Zemler said. “They’ll figure things out for themselves.”

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