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Nicole Greensher
Special to the Dailyfrom left, Wayne and Roberta Colmer and Nancy and Steve Howard.

Nancy and Steve Howard and Wayne and Roberta Colmer of California incorporate their Pacific Coast styles into the mountains of Vail.

Why it works: Nancy and Steve Howard sure know the fashions of the season. Nancy wears Paige jeans with a Charolette sweater. She also wears a Guess tank top with Via Spiga shoes. Her husband, Steve, wears True Religion jeans with a Jhane Barnes sweater. He also wears a Montecristi custom-made hat from Sante Fe. He also wears Dagos custom boots. Wayne and Roberta Colmer know how to dress in style, as well. Wayne wears Levi pants and a Cricketeer sweater. With his ensemble, he also wears Reebok shoes. Roberta wears Nordstrom pants with a purple Charter Club cashmere sweater. She also wears a Ralph Lauren turtle neck and Duval boots. Both of these couples’ ensembles are light and show off spring colors.

Both of these outfits can be worn to a number of functions, including parties and casual day outings, especially if you want to look sizzling but be comfortable. We want to do away with the stereotype of beauty is pain, and make it beauty is comfortable.

Paige jeans are famous for being able to bring out the natural curves of any woman’s body. Charolette is known for its comfort and stylish clothing. Guess offers a wide variety of stylish clothing. Via Spiga is a name synonymous with luxury fashion within reach. True Religion is loved by the celebrity world, often featured in top hip-hop songs. Jhane Barnes is known for its color use. Montecristi is known for its craftsmanship and classic style. Dagos is another name famous for its comfort and style. Levi, Reebok, Cricketeer, Nordstrom, Charter Club, Duval and Ralph Lauren are huge designer names.

These brands can be bought nationwide and globally.

Vail, Colorado

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