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The Look: Katie Denton displays spring fashion from the in color to material.

Why it Works: Spring fashion is all about looking good and wearing light, earth tone colors. Denton, a 17-year-old Battle Mountain student, exemplifies this perfectly. Her outfit is not bulky and fits her form. Finding clothes that fits your frame is a crucial element of fashion.

When to Wear it: Denton’s outfit is great for a number of occasions. Whether she is strolling through Rodeo Drive or simply at school, she will be in fashion.

The Label: Denton wears a custom NDA sweater, a Guess shirt, Hollister Jeans and a Fossil belt. To finish off her ensemble she wears Phat Farm shoes and carries a Gucci purse. Guess, Hollister, NDA, Fossil, Phat Farm and Gucci are all big fashion names. Guess is known for designing fashionable clothing for all seasons. Hollister is a store that brings California styles all across the nation. Its known for urban looks and chic style. Gucci is known for its refined and sophisticated looks, as well as its hand bags and shoes. Fossil is known for its men’s and women’s unique, urban apparel. Phat Farm is another hip-hop inspired fashion brand. NDA is a label that designs custom clothing for performing arts.

How to Duplicate It: NDA, Hollister, Fossil and Phat Farm are all stores that can be bought nationwide. Guess and Gucci can be found globally.

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