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Special to the DailyTori Steed, 3, of North carolina

Tori Steed, 3, of North Carolina looks super cute in her chic spring ensemble.

Even at such a young age, Tori was one of the best dressed people in Beaver Creek this week. Floral patterns and the color pink bring out the essence of the spring season.

No matter where Tori goes, you can bet she will be the cutest one in the room. She will look great whether she is walking through Beaver Creek or going to nursery school.

Tori wears a blue Talbots sweater with Kenneth Cole jeans. She also wears a pink Old Navy jacket with matching scarve and blue Land’s End boots. The designers are making a large percentage of their spring lines dedicated to children. High end fashion is not just for adults anymore.

Old Navy is a leading retailer in the fashion world. It showcases looks ranging from urban to western styles. Talbots is known for its classic apparel and styles. Kenneth Cole is famous for its refined and elegant designs, filled with sophistication and worldliness. Land’s End markets to families.

These designer names can all be bought nationwide as well as on the Internet

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