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Nicole Greensher
Special to the Daily/Nicole GreensherNima Sherpa

Nima Sherpa knows how to dress up a storm for spring. She wears earth-tone colors and comfortable fabric.

Wearing form-fitting clothing is always essential when thinking about fashion, no matter what season it is. You don’t want to be swallowed up by your clothing. You want it to show off your curves. Sherpa’s ensemble does just that, but is still comfortable.

She can wear this to the movies or going out to dinner. Now that the weather is warmer, it is appropriate to wear clothing made of lighter material.

Sherpa wears a brown Hollister tank top over a white Crocodile tank top, under a white sweater from No Boundaries and Abercrombie denim jeans. She finishes off her ensemble with Phat Farm shoes.

Hollister is a name that is known for incorporating California’s urban styles across the nation. Crocodile is known for its exquisite apparel and appeal. Abercrombie, as well as No Boundaries, are known for their chic looks and comfortable clothing.

How to duplicate it: All of these labels are available nationwide, as well as on the Internet. Crocodile is available globally, as well.

Vail, Colorado

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