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Fashion extreme

Nicole Greensher
Special to the Daily/ Nicole GreensherJenny Parmenter, an aspiring model in Vail, showcases her punk-rock outfit.

The look: Manhattan’s fashion runways – get ready. Here comes Avon’s Jenny Parmenter, an 18-year-old aspiring model. She’s sheik in her punk-rock outfit.Why it works: When we think of winter, we automatically think of heavy ski jackets, turtle necks and bulky clothing. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that you have to dress in heavy, ugly clothing. There are ways to dress warm and still look good, like by layering your ensemble.

Jenny wears rhine-stone studded jeans and a pink sequined belt from Uptown Girls. She also wears a light, yet warm sweater from Ambiance. She finishes off her look with DC shoes. Her belt and shoes tie the outfit together giving it glamour. Jenny’s outfit is saying, “I’m working the runway and I’m doing it even in winter.”When to wear it: Jenny’s outfit can be worn at parties, casual evenings or for just hanging out with friends.

The Label: Jenny’s jeans as well as her belt are from Uptown Girls. Her sweater is from Ambiance, a store that also carries famous lines such as Kenneth Cole, Betsey Johnson, XOXO and French Connection. Her shoes are DC and have a punk rock skateboard feel to them.

How to duplicate it: Jenny’s sequined belt and studded jeans can be bought here locally at Uptown Girls in Gypsum. Her sweater is from Ambiance, a San Francisco based store. Ambiance is also available online. Her DC shoes can be bought all over the nation and on online as well. Dressing lightly in the winter will save you from being on the fashion-don’t list. By dressing light – and warm – you can set trends this winter.Vail, Colorado

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