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Nicole Greensher
AE at Luca Bruno2 ng 1/22/06

The look: Luca Bruno, a fashion designer in Vail, and Claudia Rodriguez of Vail know how to dress up a storm. They bring Manhattan spring fashions to the Rocky Mountains.

Why it works: Rodriguez wears Tommy Hilfiger jeans with a Luca Bruno shirt and George black boots. Bruno wears a James Perse shirt with Antik jeans. He finishes off his ensemble with Nike shoes. Comfort is an essential quality for winter and spring fashion. Bruno’s shirt is made with 100 percent Egyptian cotton, a soft, cozy material. Both of these outfits are easy to wear and fashionable.

When to wear it: Rodriguez and Bruno’s outfits showcase fashions on both coasts. These looks are hip and sophisticated, saying “I’m rocking the runway even in Vail.” Bruno’s outfit is great for almost every type of occasion. Whether he’s going to work or hitting Rodeo Drive, he has a movie star look. Rodriguez’s look is classy, elegant and shows off her figure. It can be worn as a casual outfit or for going out in the evening.

The label: The label Luca Bruno of Vail is known for its comfort and elegance. Luca Bruno features men’s and women’s blouses, as well as men’s ties. Tommy Hilfiger – no matter what season – has always been a fashion icon. George, James Perse and Antik labels have a certain edge that makes you take a second look.

How to duplicate it: George, Tommy Hilfiger and Nike can all be bought globally. The designer James Perse can be found in Los Angeles. Antik denim jeans can be found nationwide. The name Luca Bruno can be found locally at Luca Bruno in Vail.Vail, Colorado

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