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Nicole Greensher
Special to the Daily/Nicole GreensherElegance meets sophistication in Kai Speth's outfit. He is the general manager at the Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek.

The look: Elegance meets sophistication in Kai Speth’s outfit. He is the general manager at the Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek.Why it works: Speth’s outfit is definitely “in” for this season’s hot trends, which are showing black suits with shine-finished shoes. Speth’s Barney’s New York suit shows the right cut and look for winter. He finishes off his ensemble with Allen Edmonds shoes and a IWC watch.

Summer styles are being incorporated into winter looks, as well, for men and woman. All of the big designers are showing light material in their winter collections. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that you have to dress in ugly bulky clothing. Speth’s suit is not at all bulky and fits the description for what is hot now.When to wear it: Speth’s suit is great for many occasions. It can be worn at work, meetings or for going out in the evenings. His outfit demonstrates that you don’t have to dress down in order to go to work. You should always look your best, no matter where you are or what you are doing. His outfit can even be worn to parties such as weddings. His suit is pretty universal, and it can be worn to many different functions. Speth’s outfit says, “I mean business and I look good doing it.”

The label: The suit that Speth is wearing is a Barney’s New York suit. Barney’s makes one of the top suits available in the fashion world. Speth’s Allen Edmonds Shoes show class and style, and his IWC watch sets his outfit into full gear.How to duplicate it: These brands can be found in Manhattan, Chicago, Denver, LA and on the internet. Even though major designer labels are probably the best quality out there, you don’t have to wear an expensive name brand in order to be in style. You just have to find clothing that has the right look. For men, make sure you’re wearing a suit that’s sharp, which means black with a pattern that’s cut appropriately for your body’s shape. You also want to make sure the suit is sewn of light material. As far as shoes go, you want them to have a bit of shine and gloss. Dressing in the appropriate styles and trends will make your look a fashion do, and not a fashion don’t.

Nicole Greensher is an aspiring fashion designer. She attends Battle Mountain High School.

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