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Fashion for furry friends

Caramie SchnellVail, CO Colorado
AE Foxy Hound2 SM 4-17-07

AVON – Robin’s Egg Blue is the “it” toenail color for spring, and that’s just what Bella Cobb is sporting these days. The only thing unusual is Bella is a eight-pound white Maltese dog. But along with a bath and a haircut, every two weeks Bella gets her front and back paw nails painted.”The sign on the wall says it costs $5, but we haven’t charged anyone for it,” said Patricia Doran, owner of The Foxy Hound, a grooming and dental salon located in the Avon Pet Centre.”(Bella) is the only dog that actually her mom has to bring in the tranquilizer medicine,” Doran said. “She’s at a Woodstock concert while she’s here, though – she’s as high as a kite.”Doran said she tried once to skip the expensive medication, thinking Bella didn’t really need it.

Turns out she was wrong.”That cute little Maltese was the Tazmanian devil,” she said, laughing.In addition to canine manicures and pedicures, Doran will dye your dog’s fur (using non-permanent dye, she said). “That request comes in like crazy,” she said. Custom haircuts are all the rage as well. Daisy, an eight-pound toy poodle, is getting all gussied up for spring – she’s getting her nails painted, her fur dyed pink, and her hair sheared in the shape of a mohawk. Daisy goes to The Foxy Hound about once a month to get groomed, dyed and her nails painted dark pink or red, said her owner, 12-year-old Kelly Bowman.”The first time it was on my birthday, my mom surprised me – Daisy was pink,” Bowman said.In honor of St. Patricks Day, Daisy’s fur was dyed green for much of March.

“We got stopped twice with people asking, did you know that your dog is green? I said yes. I guess especially here in the mountains you don’t see that very often,” said Kelly’s mom, Barbara. From Cali to ColoradoIt’s been two years since Doran, a professional groomer for 28 years, got sidetracked on her way to Fort Collins. Doran had owned a grooming salon in Southern California, which she sold to move to Colorado. On her cross-country trip, she stopped to visit a friend in the valley who told her that there weren’t many groomers working in the valley. Doran called the Avon Pet Centre to see if this was true and ended up talking to the groomer there, who was preparing to move to Texas. “So I took over, it was great timing,” Doran said.

The pet grooming world is different here in Colorado than it was in California, Doran said. Aside from Bella and a few regulars, the scene is not as foufou – people here tend to just want their dog washed and groomed. On top of doggie dye jobs and painted paws, Californians were all about the bows and bandanas.”We did all the torturing (in California),” Doran said jokingly. “You name it, we did it. It was a little more showy there.”Maybe Bella and Daisy are just more So Cal hip than the other pups in paradise. Arts & Entertainment Writer Caramie Schnell can be reached at 748-2984 or

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