Fashionable vs. modest apparel becomes an issue in Colorado |

Fashionable vs. modest apparel becomes an issue in Colorado

Claire Trageser and Electa Draper
The Denver Post

In fashion, less might be more and skin might be in, but offices, churches, schools and many shoppers often find what’s in vogue is outside their comfort zone.

Despite summer heat and the revealing clothing sold in most stores, office bosses, school principals and Denver’s Catholic archbishop are reminding women to keep their bodies covered.

This lesson was a hard one for an intern at Denver Advertising, a Christian-based agency.

Mike Lash, the agency’s director, said the woman would often wear cropped or low-cut shirts and too- short skirts. Lash had another female employee suggest clothing that might be more appropriate.

“Revealing clothing can be distracting and can send the wrong message,” Lash said. “We don’t want a client that wants us for our breast size.”

Finding fashionable and modest clothing can be difficult for everyone from preteens to middle-aged women.

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