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Fast pickin American music

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Special to the DailyHot Apple Pie is, from left, Trey Landry, Keith Horne and Brady Seals.

BEAVER CREEK The recipe for Hot Apple Pie includes a Virginia-bred flat-picking guitar champion/bass player, a Cajun drummer/accordionist, a proven hit singer-songwriter and a dash of that indefinable something called musical charisma.Hot Apple Pie is the perfect name for a band, isnt it? Trey Landry, drummer, said. This is 100 percent natural, no artificial ingredients. In addition to Landry, Hot Apple Pie is Brady Seals (vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica, accordion) and Keith Horne (vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar and steel guitar). The group plays Saturday in Beaver Creek for the resorts free outdoor concert series.

The groups sound interweaves through various genres. Tracks like Easy Does It and Everybody Wants to Dance with My Baby have sensuous, R&B flavored grooves. The Good Life is a stuttering-guitar rocker, and Hot Apple Pie takes The Bands oldie The Shape Im In for a bluegrass ride. Slowin Down the Fall is a hardcore country barroom weeper with a guest appearance by the legendary Willie Nelson. Redneck Revolution is a bluesy, swampy Southern rocker. Yet, Why Cant I Get to You is a hushed ballad of desire. The bands story begins with Seals, who is a member of a highly musical clan that also includes country stars Dan Seals (Bop), pop star Jimmy Seals of Seals and Crofts (Summer Breeze) and country songwriters Troy Seals (Seven Spanish Angels ) and Chuck Seals (Crazy Arms). Hot Apple Pie Seals was on the road as a country musician by age 16. He sent his early songwriting efforts to Uncle Troy in Nashville to have them critiqued. Then he moved to Music City. During his 1991-95 tenure in Little Texas, Seals blossomed as a writer. He co-wrote the bands hits My Love and What Might Have Been, as well as the Grammy Award nominated Amys Back in Austin and God Blessed Texas. But country stardom carried a heavy price.We did 322 days on the road the year before I left, he said. To this day, I have not found a band that has toured that much in one year. It was just unbelievable.He pursued a solo career, released CDs in 1997 and 1999, spent a lot of time in Los Angeles in 2001, but in 2002 he had a brainstorm.I wanted to create music thats fresh and new, a little edgy yet mainstream, supported by musicianship with integrity. Hot Apple Pie is that something, Seals said. It means home. It means comfort. It means country. It means rock n roll. And its so American.Seals had played with Landry before and invited him to collaborate with Hot Apple Pie. Virginia native Horne was a guitarist from the age of 6. In February 2003, Horne joined the rest at Richard Landiss studio. The chemistry was instantaneous. By the end of the day, Hot Apple Pie had recorded four tunes. All four Were Makin Up, Easy Does It, The Good Life and Annabelle wound up on their CD. And the rest, as they say, is history.Vail, Colorado

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