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Father of Aspen love child sought

Charles Agar
Aspen Correspondent
Vail, CO Colorado

ASPEN, Colorado ” Madelon Sprague is looking for the father of her child.

Sprague placed an ad recently in The Aspen Times asking for any information about a man named David ” she believes his last name is “Bibbins” ” with whom she conceived a child in the mid-1960s.

“I broke up with David before I even knew,” she said.

Sprague found out she was pregnant, never told David, and left Aspen to give birth in Illinois. She put the child up for adoption.

Thirty-two years later she came in contact with her long-lost son.

“He looks just like David,” Sprague said of Peter, now a 41-year-old husband and father of two living in New York.

Peter had a great childhood with his adoptive family, Sprague said, and she stressed that neither she nor her Peter want anything from David, nor do they have a legal right to ask him for anything (Sprague is an attorney).

“We can’t find David, and this is my last ditch effort,” Sprague said.

After searching phone books and the Internet for years with no luck ” Sprague said she is frustrated that she isn’t sure about David’s last name ” she finally decided to take out the ad.

She remembers David was Jewish and from California. He worked construction, drove a red Trans Am, and Sprague remembers he had a handgun, something she said she didn’t like.

“I probably only dated him a couple of months,” Sprague said.

A real estate broker when she was in town, Sprague remembers the mid-1960s in Aspen fondly. “That town was so crazy,” she said. “There were about four or five of us that were normal people that didn’t do drugs.”

Sprague never married, and said she is grateful that abortion was not a common practice in the mid-1960s. The stigma against being a single mother was strong at the time, and that’s why she gave up her child for adoption.

Peter was 32 when he and Sprague got back in contact, and he was ecstatic to meet his cousins and extended family, Sprague said.

“He adores all of them. It’s an addition to his family and the same for all of us,” Sprague said.

For Peter, however, his father is the last “the missing piece of the puzzle.”

“The purpose of this ad is to reunite David with his son and grandchildren,” Sprague said. “David has a son and grandchildren that he doesn’t even know about and they’d love to meet him.”

Peter OK’d the idea of placing the ad, but wanted to remain anonymous, Sprague said.

“I just think it’s wrong that Peter doesn’t have an opportunity to see his biological father,” Sprague said. “I think it’s fair to David that he knows, and I feel guilty that he doesn’t know.”

Sprague can be contacted at Madiquilter@aol.com with any information about David “Bibbins.”

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