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Fear of Obama

Madeline Moos
Vail, CO, Colorado

Rush is right! I do not want Mr. Obama to succeed, either, if “success” means trampling, shredding and ignoring the U.S. Constitution. As a conservative, my ideology is simple: Our right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness comes from our creator, not the government.

As Americans I wish, for all those born here or naturalized, we would end this nonsense of defining ourselves as “African-American” or “Hispanic-American” or whatever. An American is an American, and defining us by category only keeps the differences between us alive to divide rather than unite us. On Sept 11, 2001, we were all New Yorkers, and every day we should be Americans.

I worry for this great country. I know of no successful communist country. I worry that the word “choice” comes up whenever a freedom is about to be lost. The disregard for the value of the unborn today and tomorrow it will be the disregard for the elderly as health care is dispensed by the government. Some of the rights we have already lost is how we live, eat, speak and more. Do you honestly believe the “smartest” president we ever had doesn’t know how to stop the market from crashing? Or is this an opportunity not to be lost for enormous government growth? If we do nothing to stop this expansion of government and loss of our rights our children and grandchildren will never know how wonderful and great this country was.

Madeline Moos


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