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Feature films of the Vail Film Festival

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Along with these full-length films, the festival will be showing the Oscar Shorts Showcase, student films, action sports films, documentaries, and more than a dozen short films. See vailfilmfestival.org for more information, including a screening schedule.50 Ways to Leave Your Lover — Directed by Jordan HawleyStarring: Jennifer Westfeldt (Kissing Jessica Stein), Tori Spelling, Fred Willard. Colorado PremiereOwen McCabe is a writer of sleazy biographies who decides to break up with his life in L.A. and start a new respectable life on the east coast. But the plan goes awry when he gets to the airport and meets a woman he just can’t shake off.Crazy Canucks — Directed by Randy BradshawUS PremiereFive young, under-rated and under-funded Canadian men are faced with the daunting challenge of cracking the Euro-dominated world of competitive downhill skiing. No North American skier had ever come close to catching the Europeans, until the “Crazy Canucks” came along with their fresh approach, teamwork and wild antics.The Edukators — Directed by Hans WeingartnerStarring: Daniel BrhlThree activists cobble together a kidnapping plot after they encounter a businessman in his home.Fern Hill — Directed by Cole ClaassenColorado Premiere, Colorado ShowcaseFern Hill is a coming-of-age story about four 13-year-old boys on a weekend in 1987. It takes place in the mountains of Colorado where they’re searching for a wrecked plane and a lost father. Colin needed to find an answer, and friends are friends for these reasons.House of D — Directed by David DuchovnyA comical and touching story of a man looking back at his childhood in 1970s Greenwich Village. Lions Gate Films’ House of D is the feature film writing and directing debut of actor David Duchovny, Starring Duchovny, Anton Yelchin, Robin Williams, Ta Leoni, Frank Langella and Erykah Badu. (USA, 2005, 97m)Kings & Queen — Directed by Arnaud DesplechinStarring Catherine Deneuve, Emmanuelle Devos, Mathieu Amalric, Magalie WochTwo people find their paths crossing and their lives inextricably linked. Nora, whose bright detachment hides a terrible passion, and Ismael, a man caught up in a succession of bizarre adventures–both feel imprisoned, as they search for freedom.Kung Fu Hustle — Directed by Stephen ChowIn Shanghai, China in the 1940s, a wannabe gangster aspires to join the notorious “Axe Gang” while an obnoxious landlady and her apparently frail husband exhibit extraordinary powers in defending their turf. Loggerheads — Directed by Tim KirkmanStarring Tess Harper, Bonnie Hunt, Michael Learned, Kip Pardue, Chris SarandonThree overlapping stories of estranged families in three regions of North Carolina.Palindromes — Directed by Todd SolondzStarring Ellen Barkin, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Richard MasurAviva is thirteen, awkward and sensitive. Her mother Joyce is warm and loving, as is her father, Steve, a regular guy who does have a fierce temper from time to time. The film revolves around her family, friends and neighbors.Southern Belles — Directed by Paul S. Myers and Brennan ShroffStarring Anna Faris and Justin ChambersBell and Belle want to break out of their trailer park lives and get up and out to the “Big City” of Atlanta. Just when they think they are on their way to getting a nest egg, Bell falls for a handsome police officer named Rhett Butler.Steal Me — Directed by Melissa PainterChasing his wayward mother to Montana, fifteen year old Jake finds the picture perfect Tucker family instead who photoshop him into their lives, despite his questionable past. Too bad Jake can not stop himself from stealing, being seduced by the sexy next door neighbor, courting the mother of the house, encouraging the son in his first love affair, and leading the neighborhood boys in an ever-escalating series of pranks. A drama about stealing radios, cars, and hearts.The Wendell Baker Story — Directed by Luke Wilson and Andrew WilsonStarring Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson, Eva MendesIn his return to writing and as director, Luke Wilson plays a good-hearted ex-con who gets a job in a retirement hotel. Three elderly residents help him win back his girlfriend (Eva Mendes) as he lends them a hand in fighting hotel corruption. Owen Wilson co-stars as the head nurse.

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