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February seminar in Eagle offers tools to help you reconnect with your roots

EAGLE – What if your birthplace holds keys to who you are and why you’re here? This is the subject of a one-day workshop, “The Essentials of Radical Grounding”, Feb. 9 in Eagle. The class is being offered by The Wholeness Project and Women’s Empowerment Workshop. Radical Grounding explores the landscapes of our birth as holding important information about who we are and what sustains us. Calling on indigenous wisdom of place, Kimberlie Chenoweth, founder of The Wholeness Project, teaches people how to reconnect with their roots in ways that will profoundly affect their life and inner knowing.

“In indigenous cultures, people tend to live where they’re born,” Chenoweth said. “They grow up knowing who they are, with a deep sense of belonging in their communities and the natural world around them. In our part of the world most of us are transplants, plucked from our original landscapes with a big part of the root system left behind. Without a deep ongoing connection to the land of our birth, we end up missing an important piece of our own identity.”

Radical Grounding fills this gap of inner knowing. It not only amps up the experience of grounding, it reveals key aspects of who we are and why we’re here. The most common response to the work is: “This makes so much sense!”

The Women’s Empowerment Workshop hosts this introduction to Chenoweth’s work in Eagle on Feb. 9 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“The Workshop’s goal is to provide high quality nature-based retreats and seminars that help people connect mind, body and spirit,” said WEW founder, Susie Kincade.

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Chenoweth is a board certified professional counselor, Core Transformation Trainer, Master NLP Practitioner and visionary with a cross-cultural initiation from the Andes, Nepal, Tuva and Ireland. Based in Glenwood Springs, she has been in private practice working with individuals and groups since 1990.

To register, call -970-618-1976 or email Kimberlie@thewholenessproject.com.

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