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Feds find Outlaw’s bank account

Veronica Whitney

District Attorney Mark Hurlbert plans to ask federal authorities for money seized from alleged embezzler Brandon Outlaw’s bank account to pay back local homeowners allegedly swindled by the former Eagle-Vail bookkeeper. But Hurlbert said he doesn’t hold out much hope the residents will get money from the accounts. Federal investigators looking into the case found a bank account belonging to Outlaw, 31, a former Avon resident who faces theft charges in Eagle County for allegedly embezzling more than $700,000 from 400 people. His trial is scheduled for later in the summer. Outlaw has also been indicted by an Oklahoma federal grand jury on drug trafficking charges and his trial in that state began Monday.Hurlbert, who is prosecuting Outlaw, said federal investigators didn’t tell him how much money was found in Outlaw’s bank account or from where the money came, but the money has been seized.”The feds are assuming this is drug money and that’s why they seized it,” he said. To Jeff Antonius, a homeowner at Vail Point townhomes and one of the alleged victims, local residents involved in the case have a right to that money. “They can’t assume all the money is from drugs,” Antonius said. “They can’t prove that money isn’t from the Vail Valley, so, why would they have a right to take it away?”

When Eagle County investigators searched for Outlaw’s local bank accounts, Hurlbert said they didn’t find any money. “It’s unfortunate that we didn’t find the money before,” Hurlbert said. “The feds have ways of getting to money that we don’t. For example, federal investigators have subpoena power with banks.”Outlaw is also charged in Eagle County with a misdemeanor sexual offense for not registering as a convicted sexual offender. If convicted at trial in Eagle County, he faces four to 12 years in prison for each count. Outlaw also faces drug trafficking charges in Oklahoma, where he is accused of selling 13 ounces of cocaine and 500 tablets of ecstasy, court records in Tulsa say. Hurlbert said it’s unlikely the federal government will send any of Outlaw’s money to Eagle County. “We can ask them for it, but the federal government most likely will keep the money found,” Hurlbert said.Veronica Whitney can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 454 or at vwhitney@vaildaily.com.

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