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Feel the barre burn at Barre Forte

Mixing up your fitness routine is not only good for your muscles, it’s good for your mind. By working out different muscle groups and stimulating the brain with new activities, you can motivate yourself to stay on track for whatever your fitness goals ay be.

Adding a barre class is a great way to get a low-impact workout with big results. Barre Forte Vail Valley is owned and operated by Beth Robinson and Jessica Denton. Their Edwards location offers a variety of class times for all levels and welcomes the first-timers with a free class.

I hopped into a class last week after not doing barre in a while and at first, my arms, which hadn’t lifted any weights in a long time, were feeling the burn and I wondered how long I would last during this hour-long class, but then the feeling became addictive and I remembered why I felt so good after taking a class.

“People definitely love the ‘barre burn,'” Denton said. “It’s fun to hear about the results people get after committing to classes, from losing dress sizes to hitting the golf ball further.”

Barre classes tend to focus on the micro muscles, so it’s a great compliment to all the outdoor activities like skiing and biking we do, which utilize the larger muscle groups.

Kelly Allen has been coming to Barre Forte since it opened its doors this summer. “I like the low-impact workout I get here and you see results really fast,” Allen said. “I used to play sports in college and this has that same kind of community and teamwork feel.”

Robinson and Denton want to point out that the studio’s barre classes aren’t just for women. “Guys can get a great workout here, too,” Denton said. “Our instructors will help them feel welcomed and can modify moves or weights for them. We’ve had guys come in and say that it is pretty tough.”

To see what the “barre burn” is all about, check out their website and commit to a class. You can learn more at http://www.barreforte.com.

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