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Feel the love

Compiled by Caramie Schnell
Vail, CO Colorado
Mary Clare and Daniel Silva, Eagle residents.

Can’t you just feel the love? The Vail Daily and TV8 paired up and asked to hear about your love stories, and you obliged – in spades. Over the past few weeks we’ve gotten lots of stories submitted by local residents about everything from that how you knew he/she was “the one” to how you proposed. Be sure to read Monday’s High Life section, where we’ll print the winning stories.

The top three winners will receive either a couples massage for two at Allegria Spa in Beaver Creek (complete with Champagne and strawberries), a romantic dinner for two at Saddle Ridge in Beaver Creek or dinner for two at La Tour in Vail.

My husband and I met just over eight years ago in Vail. I was working temporarily at the HR desk at Golden Peak and he came by to fill out his mountain of paperwork. He was fresh off the Denver Greyhound bus from New Zealand via Hawaii and I was fresh out of the South. He wasted no time in asking me out on a ski date, and coming up with excuses to chat me up. It was love – head-over-heels, forget-to-shower, thrash-to-his-music, kisses-and-hugs LOVE.

After a few years we left Vail to travel and live in New York City to pursue our careers. When we became engaged there was no more perfect place than this happy valley to bring together our international family – two-and-half years ago in Beaver Creek.

And this year we returned to the valley again, this time to buy a home and start a family in Eagle. There is no where we’d rather be and no one I’d rather be with than Dan.

For the dinners cooked, the boxes moved, the laughter shared, the tears spared, the support he gives me, the life he lives with me. That is why I love Dan.

– Mary Clare and Daniel Silva, Eagle residents

It was March 13, 2010, days before St. Patrick’s Day in New York. I was heading out to my favorite bar with my girls to dabble in Irish fun. My dear friend noticed a man across the bar and kept making comments on how cute he was. I encouraged her to talk to him but she refused. When she went to the bathroom I headed over to him, introduced myself and started with … “This is going to sound odd, but friend who is in the bathroom right now thinks you are really cute and it would make her day if you go over and talk to her.” He replied “I would, but I am moving to Colorado in six days.” I said, “Well, who cares, it’s St. Patty’s day, go over and chat anyways, it’ll be fun.” He said, “You’re right.”

We (not with my friend) hit it off immediately and spent the rest of the evening chatting. He left abruptly as he thought his friend was into me and vice versa. I found him on Facebook that night, sent him an e-mail, spent six days of bliss together and fell in love. I flew back and forth from CO to NY for five months, then moved to Colorado to be with him. She is no longer my dear friend, go figure!

– Andrea Uliano and Brian Mills, Eagle residents

I first met Steve when I crewed for his team at a multi-day adventure race in Maine. He then invited me to Colorado (at that time I lived in Missouri) to visit and see him pace his friend at the Leadville 100. While waiting on his friend to come through the aid station, I decided to pace a 63-year-old for 10 miles. I ended up running with Hans for 40 miles through the night. During this time, he invited me to Germany to visit him and his wife for as long as I’d like. So I quit my job, sold my house and went to Germany for five weeks. Markus came to Han’s house to participate in a 100 miler he was hosting and his first real comment to me after we both had finished the 100 miler was, “you eat too much ice cream.”

I ditched my mom who had come over to visit me during the last two weeks of my trip and I ended up spending the rest of the summer in Germany with Markus.

Six years later, I still eat too much ice cream. We both have finished the Leadville 100 and we are still running around the world together celebrating our fifth anniversary on July 28.

– Brandi Resa and Markus Mueller, Eagle residents

In 2007 while working at a restaurant in Mississippi, I became very close to one of my patron’s. She often said I reminded her of her son Clay, who was living in Vail. In November she brought him into the restaurant to meet me. I told him I was planning on moving to Denver in February and he welcomed me to give him a call when I arrived.

Once I was moved I never got around to calling. In June I was out with friends when I felt a tap on my shoulder; it was Clay. Something magical brought us there that night, and it has led to more joy than I’ve ever known. Our first adventure together was camping at Piney; followed by concerts, dinners and discovering all our common interests.

Just as things were getting good, a family tragedy led Clay to move back to Mississippi. It seemed like we were over, but we were already falling in love. Despite reservations we embarked on a romantic long distance courtship, and by Dec. 26, 2009, we were married. He’s the finest man that I’ve ever met and I can’t wait for all of the adventures ahead of us.

– Jennifer and Clay Cain, Avon residents

Vail 2000: She was a nanny. He was a new business owner. She liked pizza. He baked pizza. End of story? Not quite. As new pizzeria owner, he did not have any eyes for dating and even though she was kinda cute, flirting was wasted on him.

So as fate would have it, they met (again) on a blind date on the tennis court. His eyes opened when he saw how she could hit a ball. Now, end of story? Not quite.

As cupid’s arrow struck deep, she had to leave the country with a run-out visa. All human efforts were thrown into action to get her back, but to no avail. The long distance relationship grew daily until Uncle Sam proclaimed: “We (she) need you! Go, make a woman/citizen out of her.”

So on the white steel horse/bird he flew to South Africa, rescued the damsel from apartheid (literally means separation) and they lived happily ever after. (Well, after the interviews, citizen tests, proof of love etc.)

The question remains: Does she still hit ’em hard? Today they are blessed to have been the No. 1 married doubles tennis team in the USA. You could say 10 years of love or rather, game, set and match!

– Vicky and Marc Keleske, Vail residents

It seems impossible to describe the feelings of love I have for a man I met at age 17, and married four years later. We will celebrate our 48th anniversary this Valentine’s Day!

He describes our chance meeting that night as “he knew she was the girl he would marry.”

Marrying young seems unusual in today’s world, but it worked beautifully for us. When we reflect on why it worked, one simple reason among all the predictable answers seems to stand out.

With busy careers, graduate school, and four children before either of us was 30 years old, we made time for a “Friday night date.”

We decided as young marrieds that we needed time alone, together – without the children, or anyone – time we would spend with each other. We didn’t have money to spend, so we would hire a sitter for three hours, and walk the mall, or watch a softball game at a nearby park, or anything that was free – and just talk.

We still have our Friday night dates – and the time together allows us to plan for the future, remember to laugh at yesterday, and live in the moment.

– Barbara and Bill Goldy, part time Singletree residents

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