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Feeling for New Orleans

Other than scoffing at cable TV reporters trying to out macho each other on-screen when Katrina hit, we’re feeling bad for beachfront Mississippi and New Orleans in the wake of the hurricane.

Why did so many people stay? That’s the question. Heck, we were ready to evacuate from here with all the warning of what a direct hit, or even close scrape, with a hurrican would do to New Orleans, which lies largely below sea level. Obviously. This warning has been annual.

Still, way too many people stuck around. And way too many paid the price with their lives.

That’s tough stuff. Those receding wetlands no doubt have receded much more. News perhaps not at 11, but before spring. Count on that.

And learning that something like 35 percent of America’s gasoline is refined in the New Orleans area is just amazing. Let’s do the calculus here. America is woefully short of refineries, because they have become too much of a hassle to build. Thank you enviros. We have a lot of eggs in the basket of a hurricane area. Gee, what happens when the odds send a Katrina right there? Bingo. Soaring prices before there’s even a wake of the storm. We’re not the country’s brightest bulbs here in Vail, but how stupid is that?

Still, our homes are not surrounded by water. That begins toward mid- to late November most years. And is a most welcome event around here. No, it’s blue skies and getting ready for the traditional end of the summer tourist season. Within the month comes the spectacular flaming yellow autumn thanks to our aspen.

Looking at Mississippi and the bayou and especially New Orleans, we’re all feeling mighty fortunate by comparison. Even if we need a few jobs each to stay here.

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