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Feeling good, feeding the rumor mill

David O. Williams

OK, OK, I get the message (see countless Ryan and Trista letters, Vail Trail, last few weeks). No more will I be a nattering nabob of negativism.In fact, even though it’s the only viable target for columnists worldwide today, I will not even write about war except to say that I wish we would invade countries with better skiing (like capturing a beach in Apocalypse Now because of the surfing).I’ll leave the war talk to serious young men like my assistant editor (see Boyd in ‘Hood, also on this page).Instead, I choose to churn the rumor mill with some feel-good fodder for Gladys in Glendale, Lavern in Louisville and Delores in Des Moines.First, foremost and fantastically fun-loving (if it’s true), firefighting phenom Ryan Sutter apparently saved some guy the other day.I’m short on facts and long on innuendo (hence my placement of this item on the opinion page), but during one of his stints back in town in between casting calls in California, Sutter supposedly gave CPR to a heart-attack victim at some function or another in Vail.If it’s true, just to show you how positive and upbeat I’m feeling these days, I won’t even raise the possibility that the heart-attack victim was actually an ABC executive stirring up ratings for the upcoming Ryan-and-Trista wedding episode. If that was the case, surely a press release would have gone out.My second item stems from something I reported on last summer after attending the memorial for Vail founder Pete Seibert. At that time, his son, Pete, Jr., told the gathering that the family planned to mix his dad’s ashes in with silver iodide for cloud seeding.The rumors out of the Beaver Creek snowmaking department are that Pete was distributed just prior to the nearly two feet of snow that fell beginning Sunday night, March 16.No reliable sources would confirm this for me, but if it’s true, thanks Pete. Tuesday was a fantastic day at the Beav’.Finally, speaking of fantastic powder days (and there have been quite a few of them this season), has anyone other than the hard-skiing and hard-drinking staff of The Vail Trail noticed that every big dump this season has been the day after a major party night?Just think about it: New Year’s Day, the day after Fat Tuesday and, most recently, the day after St. Patrick’s Day. What’s up? Are the snow gods punishing the sinners, or merely making us earn our turns?David O. Williams is managing editor of The Vail Trail. E-mail him at dwilliams@vailtrail.com.

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